Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1817_YD_1Year of M/F:22/4/59
Body No:(1500)Engine No:1454_16GB\U
Reg No:WA EMG 055Colour:Red (Or. red)
Trim Colour:Black C.S.

Present Owner:York Motor Museum 83 -
Previous Owners:Colin Cleaver, Woodlands, W.A. 83.

Built with C.S. H. TcBk. WW. Imported from UK by Cleaver in 70s. T. C. parts transfered into Australian built 1500, completed in time to enter National Meeting in Launceston, Tasmania 1976, won class. Sold to York museum in 1983, used and displayed until re-restored by J.H., completed in time to enter National Meeting at Freemantle, WA, 1995 although J.H's own car won class..

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