Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1705_YD_2Year of M/F:25/3/59
Body No:76308Engine No:2077_16GB\U (1362)
Reg No:VICColour:Red
Trim Colour:Black std (Red)

Present Owner:Volders, Tony 12-
Previous Owners:Ron Ward, NSW Dealer -64 Andrew Pierce, NSW 64-66 Ron Ward, NSW Dealer 66-67 Andrew Pierce, 67-69 Alex Mildren, NSW Dealer 69 A. Cooper, NSW Steve Austin, NSW. 74. Ian Mac Nee, Friarstown, Vic 74-04 Peter Ward, Castlemaine Vic 04-5/06 Mander, Sandy (Mrs) 5/06-12

Built less Batt. AP bought s/h from RW 64, traded back in 66 for Mini Cooper. Ward still had car 18 months later and AP bought back. Traded on Alfa in 69. New block and new carbs fitted by AP during second period of ownership. Bought by IMN circa 74 in NSW, reg DUS 906 and taken to Vic for restoration, placed on display in private collection. Engine number is stamped into block. Original engine 1362 owned by P Gostelow (1750). Sold to PW via Grant Cowie 1/04. PW sold to SM 5/06. AP contacted register in 2017 and returned original ID plate to current owner - TV.

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