Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1672_YD_2Year of M/F:23/3/59
Body No:83738 (1500)Engine No:955_16GB\U (1337)
Reg No:QLD 200 LAGColour:Red (Gl. blue)
Trim Colour:Beige std (Blk C.S)

Present Owner:Ingram, Brian & Patricia -08 -
Previous Owners:John Bell, Vic. 70. Nick Langford, Vic. 70s. Howard Minchinton, Vic. 70s. Max Freeland, Tas, late 80s. Neil Willson, Tas - Qld. 90s. Trevor Blainey, Qld, 2000. Bennett, Jim NSW. 00-08

Built with C.S. less Batt. Sold new by Frank Croft Motors, Narrabeen, NSW. Reg. in Vic. by John Bell circa 70. He later dismantled car for restoration and original body lost. Rescued by Freeland and later sold to Willson with eng. 955, origin unk. Willson bought ex-USA 1500 body from MTG Panels 89. Almost completed car shown at Nat. Meet. 92, Tas. Replacement id, plate is stamped 1872, chassis number stamping is quite clearly 1672.

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