Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1650_YD_2Year of M/F:17/3/59
Body No:76228Engine No:1260_16GB\U
Reg No:Vic MGTCRColour:Green (Or. red)
Trim Colour:Beige C.S.

Present Owner:Davies, Graeme 07-
Previous Owners:Ron Ward, 458 Parramatta Rd Strathfield, NSW. 59-60 Sid Grevett NSW. 60-? Stephen Cavanagh, Sydney, NSW. 67. John Lawton, Vic. 70s. Neil Fowler, Burrendah, W.A. 96. North, Ross, W.A. 96 - 05 Burke, Frank Vic. 05 - 07

Built with C.S. less Batt. Owned by Ron Ward (MG dealer) 15/5/59 and raced, won Aust Sprint Car Champ in 1960 @ 16.9 sec. for quarter mile. Bought by Sid Grevitt and modified with help from BMC, fitted weber carbs on Lynx manifold, wide wheels, etc. First time out won class and third outright Bathurst Easter '62. Timed at 126 mph. on Conrod Straight. Next owner used on road until bought by John Lawton who raced car in 70s. Restored in WA by NF in 80s and refreshed in 90s by R.N. reg 7MG 300. Comp screen fitted by F.B 2006.

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