Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1649_engYear of M/F:circa 2/60
Body No:B 8855Engine No:1276_16GB\U
Reg No:NSWColour:Red
Trim Colour:?

Present Owner:Ralph, Warrick
Previous Owners:Mr. Ralph. (elder brother, now dec.)

Bought by elder brother of current owner circa '63-4 as an MGA T.C. Coupe. Car was bequethed when brother died 1985. Extensive restoration undertaken by Nepean Classic Cars, NSW. completed 2000. Car has i.d. plate number 84201, first deluxe was 91240 (4/60). Suspect mechanical components from roadster YD 2 1649 transfered to create a T.C. coupe. In early '60s only two others were in Oz.

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