Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1380_YM_3Year of M/F:24/2/59
Body No:61862Engine No:668_16GB\U
Reg No:WA WILBUR 10Colour:Green (Or. red)
Trim Colour:Beige C.S. (blk std)

Present Owner:Burston, Ian 13-
Previous Owners:Rob Barr, Mornington, Vic. Sold by MG Workshops 98. John Patrikils, Ballarat, Vic. Sold by Brooklands 99. Phillip Hey, Box Hill 99-13.

Built with heater. Imported for R.B. by MGA Specialist Services from James Alcorn, USA circa 1991. Restoration by MGA S.S. completed 1993. Respray and retrim by Healey Factory 2004. Sold via Healey Factory to WA 5-2013.

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