Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:1166_YD_1Year of M/F:27/2/59
Body No:Engine No:Unknown
Reg No:BelgiumColour:Red
Trim Colour:Black

Present Owner:Rita & Patrick De Schepper 10 -
Previous Owners:J. Morgan, G.B. 70s. Owen Delaney, Cammeray, NSW. 01-03 Robert Heppell, UK, 03-10

Built with C.S. Rebuilt by Simon Robinson 1985, sold to Delaney via Bob West and shipped to Aust. 10/01. Sold via Bob West to Heppell and returned to UK in 2003. Emailed images from R. De S. 6/17 indicate car is now in Belgium and was completely stripped for repainting returned to road 5-11.

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