Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:0680_YD_3Year of M/F:6/10/58
Body No:61119Engine No:373_16GB/U
Reg No:NSW ZJQ 589Colour:Green (O.E.W.)
Trim Colour:Beige (red std)

Present Owner:Szewczyk, Mike 85-
Previous Owners:

Built with heater. Imported from USA circa 1985 through S.A. dealer. Had Californian reg. DLU 149. Car was raced in USA painted white with broad red stripe up the centre. Had wide wheels on one side standard on the other side (oval tracks?) Last ran with pushrod engine but original TC engine supplied. Fully restored to good standard by MS in 90s. T.C. engine blow up 2015.

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