Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:0505_YD_3Year of M/F:
Body No:61009Engine No:2048_16GB/U_
Reg No:Vic unregColour:
Trim Colour:

Present Owner:Langford, Nicholas 06 -
Previous Owners:Mr. Delaney (Deceased) Sydney 90s-06

Imported from USA by Delaney in 1990s together with a Deluxe. Importer died and both cars bought by N.L. in 2006. Deluxe sold and 505 being restored. Car was incorrectly given id. number 590 in US but when inspected by Aussie expert doubts about the correctness of 590 raised. Enquiries through the online chat group revealed the true identity and eventually the correct id. plate was reunited with car. Great story but there is more. Further investigation confirms this is the car used for filming a story on driving techniques at Lime Rock. The incar sequenses were made by a cameraman sitting in the boot. DVD is available.

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