Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:0503_YD_3Year of M/F:18/6/58
Body No:Engine No:102_16GB/U
Reg No:UK VLP 500Colour:Orient Red
Trim Colour:Red C.S. (std)

Present Owner:Skinner, Stephen 03-
Previous Owners:M.G. Car Co. 58-? Bob West, UK. 86 - 95. Colliton, John, Sandringham, NSW. 95 - 03

Built with heater, w.w. UK reg. VLP 500. Believed to be factory demonstrator, photo appeared in article by Bill Boddy - Safety Fast 8/62. Also S.F. 10/86 & MG Enthusiast 9/94. Restored by Bob West, fitted 1600 taillights for safety reasons. J.C. was living in UK and traded another T.C. for 503. Imported to Australia when J.C. repatriated circa 95. Bought over phone by S.S. and shipped back to UK, 10/03.

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