Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:0499_YD_L14Year of M/F:1/1/58
Body No:Not issued?Engine No:1024_16G/U
Reg No:WA PJB 147Colour:Black
Trim Colour:

Present Owner:Hester, Mark 06-
Previous Owners:M.G. Car Co. 58-2/12/60 Dick Jacobs, Mill Garage, UK Brierley/Crofts, Blackheath, 81-06

In January 1958 the first batch of T.C. chassis was built to drawing. This chassis became the prototype MGA Twin Cam after minor changes as required. One obvious change moved front brake hose brackets. Body and chassis had T.C. specific bolt spacing on the heater shelf but body was hand modified in the inner guard area and pieces welded in to provide clearance for distributor, carbs, etc. Registered PJB 147 it was used for publicity, appearing in many period articles. It was retained by the factory for some years and further developed. M.H. found it while working in the UK. Imported into Oz 2006 part restored, additional work completed, owner is back in England.

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