Australian Twin Cam register

Chassis No:0499_YDL_14Year of M/F:00/1/58
Body No:not issuedEngine No:1024_16G/U
Reg No:WA unregColour:grey primer
Trim Colour:tba

Present Owner:Hester, Mark 06-
Previous Owners:M.G. Car Co. 58-2/12/60 Dick Jacobs, Mill Garage, UK Brieley/Crofts, Blackheath, 81-06

In January 1958 Abingdon created the first prototype MGA Twin Cam starting with a purpose made chassis. Registered PJB 147 this car was used by the factory for publicity photos that have appeared in many period articles. The car was tracked down in the UK by M.H. while he was working there. Imported into Oz late 2006.

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