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Register Statistics

Total number of records = 110

Number sold new in Aust. = 75

Early imports, ie. pre - 1965 = 5

Of the original 80 about 18 are lost. This may mean anything from no trace from new to no address for current owner. No doubt some have been destroyed and others are just waiting to be found.

I have records of one that was scrapped and another stolen and not recovered.

Recent imports, mostly late '80s early '90s = 23

Cars exported = 8

Of the remainder, approximately 45 are mobile, 10 under restoration and 23 stored awaiting restoration (or resale).

Two of the files are for information only because the cars have been hybridised, ie, original chassis damaged, replaced by another non-T.C. chassis, original chassis still exists and may be rebuilt.  Also there are 6 cars that some may describe as replicas.

In this situation I reserve my own opinion and make no judgement, I have simply recorded the information for future reference.  And that is the main justification for creating a record such as this.

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