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This Register lists all MGA TWIN CAM vehicles known to have a connection with Australia.

In the late 1950s BMC Australia was assembling MGA 1500 Roadsters from CKD kits at the Pressed Metal Corporation  factory in Enfield, NSW.

All MGA Coupes were fully imported and when the Twin Cam was introduced it too was fully imported.  No MGA deluxe is known to have been sold in Australia new.

Anyone with a copy of the MGA Twin Cam Production Record published by the Twin Cam Group (UK) and known as the yellow book ( an extract from the actual production record books from Abingdon ), can pick a car intended for Australia by the notation less Batt. This is taken to mean the cars were shipped without a battery fitted.  Logical when the car is going to spend up to 3 months in transit.
There are 74
less Batt cars in that Record and I have found some sort of reference to all but 3 of those cars. I haven't given up on finding the other 3 yet.

A small number of cars arrived as private imports during the early days, at least two were ordered from here, collected from Abingdon and driven through the UK or on the traditional Continental Tour before returning home. These are noted as Home Delivery in the factory production records but not in the yellow book.

The number of cars here jumped fairly dramaticly in the late 80s and early 90s when it became profitable to ship cheap M.G.s from the USA for resale to enthusiasts here.
One notable aspect of this is that, when new, there were only two Twin Cam Coupes sold here ( and another two were private imports ). This made T.C. Coupes one of the rarest cars in the country, there are now at least 16 here.
An increase in values in the USA and a slump in our exchange rate has slowed this trade and has even led to the export of cars out of Australia to places like Japan and the UK.


The information contained in this Register is presented for advice only. Much effort has gone into ensuring it is correct but I offer no guarantee of accuracy.
Anyone viewing this list should use the information as a guide only and make their own enquiries. In many cases I have not met my informants nor have I viewed all the cars listed.

The images included in the Register are sourced from many individuals and copyright remains the property of the original supplier. I have not obtained approval from all sources so downloading and reproduction of images is not recommended.

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