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Information in this Register

The information and images presented in this Register have been obtained from many and varied sources.  The Register would not exist without the help from all who have contributed material and to all those people I express my gratitude.

The author has tried to verify the accuracy of the information where-ever possible but offers no guarantees. This is a work in progress and additions and corrections will be made as new details become available. Contributions of information are always welcome.

On many pages you will notice the use of parentheses (  ) this is to indicate past or original details. This is most used to record original engine numbers or body colours that have been replaced or where trim colour or seat style have changed.


Because of the way the Register Program is written I have had to place the numeric portion of the chassis & engine numbers ahead of the alpha portion, this is to allow the lists to display correctly.

It is well documented that the typical chassis number of an Australian ie. RHD export MGA Twin Cam roadster should read YD 2 1649 (the first less Batt car) and the engine number would read 16GB/U/1276. However I have presented this as chassis no. 1649_YD_2 and engine 1276_16GB/U .

The Register program I have used was purposely written for the M.G. Car Club Victoria by www.rokit.net

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