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The Australian MGA TWIN CAM Register dates back to the late 1960s at a time when seperate registers within various M.G. Car Clubs around the world were successfully harnessing enthusiasm for the older models such as the pre-war and T series models.
It is hard to imagine now but some early M.G.s had fallen in value to the point that many were at risk of being scrapped or broken up for spare parts.
Within the M.G. Car Club of Victoria some spotty-faced youths recognised the benefit of creating such a register to support their much maligned Twin Cams.

Meetings were held, runs organised and the Twin Cam suddenly became THE car to own.
Some attempts were made to record car details and a loose leaf binder allocated for the purpose.

As the years passed so the youthful enthusiasm was replaced by mature responsibilities.
The cars were sold or stored awaiting restoration and the Register shelved.

In 1985 I bought my second Twin Cam (2178) to replace one I owned during those heady days of the 60s (2179). With my enthusiasm rekindled I went looking for the Register and found it on the shelf in our Clubrooms where the last keeper had left it 8 - 10 years before.

At that stage it contained details of 23 cars, mostly located in Victoria. I quickly found that many of the entries were outdated and so began the search for missing vehicles. Another lesson was that these cars are very transient. Australia is a big country with a small and widely scattered population. The tyranny of distance limited my progress because I had to pay for my own long distance phone calls.  It is a sad fact that our modern, busy life-styles have reduced the fine art of letter writing so many of my letters remain unanswered to this day.

Greatest progress came at the annual National Meetings of the M.G. Car Clubs held at various centres around the country each Easter. As a regular attendee I was able to meet like minded Twin Cam enthusiasts and compare notes. I met other people who had also kept lists of cars in their own states. At first I was looking for ex-Victorian cars but quickly realised that an Australia wide approach was needed.

Major sources of information have been the Production Record published by the Twin Cam Group UK, Peter Wood UK, James Alcorn USA, Lyle York USA, a list of cars sold by Sydney Dealers provided by Jeff Newey, a list of cars sold by the Queensland dealer from Dan Casey, the registration records for all Victorian cars held by AOMC with help from Garry Kemm (1716).
Many, many phone calls, tip-offs, photos, etc from innumerable people and lately emails from Mick Anderson (2161).
In addition, I want to thank and acknowledge the assistance and support provided freely by the following people: Rod Hiley of Abingdon Motors in Queensland who combines his love of M.G.s with his business of supplying M.G. spare parts. Rod was astute enough to acquire much of the last remaining stock of M.G. parts from BMC at a time when they were considered obsolete junk. Rod has kept a list of Twin Cam owners who have contacted him for parts over the years.
Max Freeland from Tasmania who owns more of these cars than anybody I know, Max has been collecting names and numbers since the early 70s, if he doesn't own the car he knows who does.
Neil Fowler from Western Australia who has since sold his car (1650) but in the 80s he knew where each one residing in his state was, and he was most helpful.
Bob Bazzica (1767) from M.G. Sales in South Australia another well known M.G. enthusiast who combines business with pleasure.
Brian Lauder from MGA Specialist Services, Victoria who employed me and put up with my hairbrained antics for a number of years and eventually sold me his collection of Twin Cam parts which are the remains of 1704.
Harry Hickling who rebuilt his ex-Victorian car (1799) while living in Sydney in the 80s and put much effort into locating local owners and bravely attempted publishing a Newsletter for our benefit.
And finally, I only quite recently had the pleasure of meeting Geoff Meaney, Geoff bought a new Twin Cam (1737) while a young policeman living in Sydney. Geoff was instrumental in supplying information on Australian cars to Mike Ellman-Brown and Phil Richer in the early days of the Twin Cam Group in the UK which was included in the yellow book. Geoff sold his car after a few years but later bought another (1499) while living in British Columbia, Canada. He brought the car here when he and his wife returned home in the 80s but has since taken it back to Canada.

The biggest break-through came with Internet access.  What a revelation,  suddenly we can communicate with each other anywhere around the globe instantaneously for the cost of a local call. That led to the attraction of being able to place the information I had collected on line for all to share.  It meant learning another new dicipline to finally create this site and has taken a couple of years of spare time tinkering but finally here it is...

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