My name is Anne-Maree Neal and I have had multiple sclerosis for 16 years.  My symptoms vary from day to day, as is the nature of the disease. 
They are
• severe fatigue
• restless legs particularly at night when I’m trying to sleep
• spasticity in my legs, on bad days I am unable to walk more than a few steps
• depression
• problems with my bladder
• just always being tired and unable to participate in many of life’s activities
The day after I had my first massage I woke up and immediately felt a change.  I had more energy and I wasn’t stiff.
This was very strange for me  because even after a night’s sleep I wake up tired and fatigued before the day had begun.
Normally I’m unable to walk around shopping centres, I can go to one shop but then I’m exhausted.  My family will usually push me in the wheel chair or I hire an electronic chair.  After my first massage I was able to go the shopping centre and do what I needed to do on my own two feet.  
I’ve seen Bruce four times now & I notice a huge improvement in my physical capabilities.
I have also received Kinesiology treatments from Bruce.  There have been very positive results, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Bruce has guided me in finding value in myself has helped me change my thinking to believing that anything is possible.  This is a huge change, because I allowed my disability to keep me down & out. 
This is not a miracle cure but through massage and kinesiology my lifestyle has improved significantly.
Bruce Johnson is a kind and generous man and by his actions I feel genuine concern for my health & wellbeing.
Anne-Maree Neal

I have always suffered from neck and shoulder pain after a whiplash injury.  With regular treatment, Bruce has managed to virtually eliminate my headaches and pain and given me great advice on how to keep myself pain-free every day.  Bruce has in-depth knowledge and understanding of physiology and uses this knowledge to determine the most appropriate physical therapy techniques for his clients.  I highly recommend Bruce’s services as they have certainly improved my quality of life!

Lea De Angelis

Bruce gives a thorough and caring treatment, really taking time to work with me to facilitate the healing process. His methods are gentle and his processes are methodical. He gives the kind of one on one care that gets results. I have tried many other practitioners and I will not go back to being roughly manipulated and sent out the door after five or ten minutes. Bruce will make sure you get the proper care that you need.

As a dancer and teacher of dance it is so important that i can move freely and comfortably. i put my body through the paces every day! Bruce helps me to remain pain-free.
Renee Adele

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