Kinesiology has been called the healthcare system for the new millennium. It is a fusion of eastern traditional wisdom and western science. Unlike modern medical practice, Kinesiology is holistic. Instead of ‘diagnosing’ and ‘treating’ specific, named conditions like doctors do, Kinesiologists look at all aspects of the person – mental, emotional, bio-chemical, physical, structural, energetic, with a view to bringing the whole person into a better state of balance. We don’t decide to just ignore one factor in favor of another. This means that you don’t generally experience harmful side effects.  
Kinesiology uses muscle testing to get the body and subconscious mind to communicate what sort of intervention is required. Kinesiology uses the meridian system known to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as well as many types of reflex points, neurological techniques and nutrition to bring the whole person back into a state of balance. This balance supports and enhances good health.
Kinesiology has been known to help with :
• physical pain, headache, backache, frozen shoulder or other joint problems and inflammation
• structural problems
• emotional trauma and stress
• dietary issues and deficiencies
• food intolerances, digestive problems
• toxicity
• learning problems, reading, writing, arithmetic
• anxiety, phobias
• behavioral problems, anger, fear
• athletic performance tuning
• personal growth, goal setting and achievement
Bruce is qualified as both a practitioner and instructor in two different types of Kinesiology : PKP and Touch for Health. This means that you won’t just be helped during your session. You will have the opportunity to learn simple supporting techniques that you can use on yourself to further enhance and support your own good health.
For those who become fascinated with Kinesiology, ask Bruce about short courses that you can do to learn some simple yet powerful Kinesiology techniques you can use at home to help your friends and loved ones.

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