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BV 25 SUBLIME    download

Released-  4/07      Version 25.3

Updated-  6/07      Version 25.4

Updated-  10/07     Version 25.5 See Below for details

FEATURES: 3 Multi Osc, 3  Wavetable Osc, PM, Pre-amp, 3 Detuners, 3 Pan pots, 1 Step LFO, 1 Multi LFO, 1 ADSR, 1 Filter cutoff envelope, Echo,  Delay, Flangus, Mono switch, Scope analizer, Master Octave, Master wave. 20 pre-sets.

 COMMENT'S:  An Osc experiment.

I made brand new waveforms for the Wave Osc's , and  added some basic 5-wave Multi Osc's for back-up. I kept the rest of the synth simple and it's very light as a result. The interface is colour-coded (good for beginners), all selectors are in gold, fx in yellow, volume knobs in blue, pan in pale blue and the other crap is in green because it didn't need to get sectioned out. It's quite friendly once you get into it. The knobs are great too, there real easy to grab with a mouse. The new waveforms give this synth a unique character  Hope you enjoy playing Sublime as much as I do.