Lt. M. Basset . R. Beugnon .  A. Martin.

Heroes of the French Resistance



April 11th 1944.

To establish a new circuit for F section SOE , Preparatory to the Normandy landings the following June . ________________________________________________________________

Beggar Circuit

On April 11 1944 three operatives including one from OSS `SI Division were parachuted into France. They were met by a resistance reception committee to the north west of Paris, Lt. Basset, cover name "Ludovic" proceeded to establish his cover in the city and to make contact with the local resistance groups in the Creil, Senlis and Beauvois districts , they then set up a training program covering the use of explosives and other clandestine activities. Through careful screening the security of the group was never compromised , This was due in no small measure to the fact that most of the group were members of the French communist party, (Then an illegal political group .) They were able to set up a circuit of 91 sub-agents by June 1944 , The agents were divided into groups , one group being responsible for reception committee work, - that is to receive parachuted supplies and organize distribution etc. The remaining groups concentrated on sabotage missions mainly the destruction of communications facilities i.e. radio masts, the telephone system, and railways.


The Beggar circuit as well as carrying out many sabotage missions provided valuable intelligence work including reporting on the 12th of June 1944 the position of a large concentration of German tanks ( approximately 54 ) hidden in the Foret de Bez - a large percentage of these were subsequently destroyed by air strikes from England .

The Beggar circuit continued to attack German communications and provide good intelligence until the allies liberated Paris in late August 1944 ,   this circuit also provided arms and personel to hold strategic points in the city prior to its liberation . By this time the Beggar circuit had 500 members in its organization.




More details on Mission members R. Beugnon and A. Martin . Described as nco`s in OSS records, would be appreciated please e-mail me .

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