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Spring snow

Spring snow

On Friday 12th October 2012, a late season cold front brought snow to the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

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Lovel Street In the beginning

The snow started about 7AM, and before 8 I had set out on a walk around Katoomba and Leura to capture the event. At this early stage cars were still able to climb and descend Lovel Street hill.

Lurline Street, Katoomba Gang Gang Street, Katoomba Lurline and Gang Gang Streets, Katoomba

Corner of Lurline and Gang Gang Streets, adjacent to Kingsford Smith Memorial Park. Approaching motorbike (right) barely made it to the intersection.

slippery Gang Gang Street Slippery slope

Just a few metres uphill icy snow brings vehicles to a standstill on the steep gradient of Gang Gang Street, Katoomba.

snow on lens Parke Street, Katoomba Yeoman Bridge from above...

Views from the bridge above Katoomba Railway Station. Left - an impromptu snow fight erupts as excited passengers disembark from a train. Right - cars move cautiously through the Parke Street roundabout.

train approaching ... and sheltering below

Looking west from Katoomba station, under the shelter of Yeoman Bridge. Signals and headlights of an approaching coal train add some colour.

XPT snow stop platform footprints XPT snow stop

WT27 Sydney-Dubbo XPT makes a snowy stop at Katoomba.

KATOOMBA station subway Katoomba station subway

Pedestrian subway at the eastern end of Katoomba railway station.

Hotel Gearin snow park Hotel Gearin

(left) and the commuter carpark on the northern side of the railway.

Masonic Hall Station Street, Katoomba

Masonic Hall at the top of Station Street opposite the Katoomba Court House.

Great Western Highway What Friday traffic? Great Western Highway

The highway was still open, but traffic was slowing and would soon be stopped. At the time of this train's passing by The Edge Cinema, the road was largely deserted.

Icing on the cakes Icing on the cakes

Footprints and parked cars in Civic Place, Katoomba.

Coal train in a snow storm Coal train in a snow storm Coal train in a snow storm

Snow hangs heavy in the trees as a coal train begins the long mountain descent towards Sydney, in near blizzard conditions.

snow flake V set Snow Flake V set

By this time heavy snow begins to limit photography. Protecting cameras was difficult enough, but tasks like changing lenses were out of the question. A camera is briefly extracted from its bag to snap this passing V set.

Table-top snowman Intersection blizzard Shelter from the storm

Snowman outside the G-day Motel, Katoomba. Meanwhile on the highway some have abandoned their cars, while others press on. By this time roads had closed at several locations.

GIVE WAY to weather GIVE WAY to snow

Corner of Queens Road and the Great Western Highway, Leura.

Iced gum trees Katoomba Hospital driveway Iced gum trees

Eucalypts with icing near Queens Road (left) and at a driveway for Katoomba Hospital (right).

Ice highway Ice Highway

A pedestrian trudges down the slippery footpath while a heavy vehicle braves ice on the Great Western Highway, Leura. View is looking westward towards Katoomba.

Welcome to Leura! 'Alex' balcony view Welcome to Leura!

Leura station stairway looks decidedly treacherous, as soft wet snow pelts the photographer and passengers exiting the platform. View from the Alexandra Hotel balcony (right) is a little more civilised, but the beer garden does note invite!

Megalong and Govett Streets Slushy streets

By late morning the snow has turned to slush. With home in sight, a hot fire beckons this soaked photographer.

Snow stumps Spring returns Snow stumps

The storm has passed, and CityRail continues its task. Later that afternoon Spring returns to Neate Park, Blackheath NSW.

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