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Model Railway Projects

Links to some model railway projects that I've tackled are presented here.

Click on pictures to view each project in detail...

SMR Tank Loco Detailing SMR Tank Loco Detailing

A review of Southern Rail Models HO scale South Maitland Railways 10 Class 2-8-2 side tank locomotive, and how I modified and upgraded it.

Austrains C30 Suspension Issues Austrains C30 Suspension Issues

Some issues I encountered with the Austrains 30 Class Tank Locomotive, and suggested modifications to resolve them.

replacing split gears Trainorama split gear replacement

Repairing a Trainorama 47 class loco with split drive gears - the problem, and a compromised solution.

AMRI Suburban Station kitbash AMRI Suburban Station kitbash

Modifying the HO scale Bergs/AMRI Suburban Station kit to closely represent a type of brick railway station building found on the Blue Mountains of NSW.

RailCentral Pc3 kitbash RailCentral Pc3 kitbash

Build a late model Pc1 station and a precast concrete signal box from the HO scale RailCentral Pc3 station building kit. Includes resources for producing NSWGR style station nameboards, and ideas for other RailCentral kit-bash projects.

Workshop 5 KP restoration Restoring a Workshop 5 KP mail van

How I restored a worn-out, run-down model to its former glory - and beyond!

HO scale Pc2 Conoble Pc2 Conoble

Detail photos of the precast concrete Pc2 station building at Conoble NSW, and my HO scale model of it adapted from the RailCentral Pc3 station building kit.

Wolgan Valley Shay Wolgan Valley Shay in HO scale

Adapt a Bachmann Spectrum 80-ton Three-truck Shay to a 'near enough' Commonwealth Oil Corporation locomotive, as used on the Wolgan Valley Railway to Newnes oil-shale works.

PHV power van PHV power van

Build an HO scale model of a NSW Railways PHV power van. Take an AR Kits GLV, replacement bogies, some styrene sheet and a few basic hobby tools, then create quite a 'different' piece of rolling stock...

Lima MBE conversion Rebuilding a Lima 'MBE' carriage

How I took a Lima 'MBE' carriage (really an MBX) and modified it to represent a 1960's/1970's era MBE, by removing the crown lights and making some basic detail improvements.


HO scale SMR model railway layout.
(under construction)

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