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Surviving NSWR passenger cars


TAM 748 at Hill End

Documenting the 'lost' carriages of the NSWR

This page attempts to document all extant loco-hauled passenger carriages and rail motors of the New South Wales Railways. Complete and preserved cars are included, as well as those that have been partly dismantled, dismounted from their bogies, or adapted for other uses.

The histories of most carriages are only well recorded up until their disposal from the railways. Those that went to preservation groups can be accounted for by consulting each museum's inventories (where available), while many that disappeared into private ownership are not readily traced at all. Some have changed hands and been re-located several times.

Information presented here has come from diverse sources of varying reliability. Where practicable reports of each carriage have been cross-checked, but this has not always been possible and there are bound to be errors and omissions.

Many of the listed carriages are privately owned, located on private land, or even converted for use as homes or accommodation. Some may not be accessible to the public, so please respect the owner's and occupiers privacy!

The List

Download the spreadsheet of known surviving NSWR cars here.

Records are initially sorted by carriage Number. You can use the 'Data, Sort' option in your spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, or similar) to rearrange the list order, for example by Code, Location, etc.

Featured cars

A couple of rarely seen items in the Powerhouse Museum's collection are these 1905 NSWR Jubilee carriage side sections.


Thanks also to the many list contributors.