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I am a custom Wedding Photographer who has been in the Canberra Wedding Photographic Industry since 1974, creating beautiful images in different styles to suit the personality of each client.

My wedding images combine several styles including fine art, traditional, photojournalistic, fun, candids and romantic.

I am a flexible photographer who is happy to accept the client's ideas as one of these images could be my next award winning image.


Traditional includes the standard posed photographs of the bride and groom, wedding party, and family portraits that most people associate with a wedding.

The Black and White Photojournalism approach is more candid and is unposed and spontaneous. These photos attempt to capture more of the flavour of the event. You have your choice of a grainy style or more traditional crisp black and white.

The Fine Art style provides images which are unique. Images like hand-colored black and white, sepia, large scale panoramas, black and white grainy candids and other techniques are used to create wedding images very unlike the Traditional. Images can also be modified through computer enhancement.




While you are free to select a single wedding photography style, most bridal couples allow me to use a variety of the above styles (depending on the albums you select). I make this style choice after feeling the energy and ambiance of your wedding and combining that with an intimate knowledge of your likes and dislikes to create my own artistic impressions of your wedding.

My album packages are individually tailored to suit your unique preferences and budget, offering something different in wedding photography concepts.

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