A good portrait, glamour or boudoir photograph conveys the personality of the person being photographed. The sparkle in the eyes, the turn of the head, the shadow of the cheekbone. These are just a few of the aspects of a successful image.

My extensive experience allows me to pay attention to the details, while remaining calm and easygoing, producing better and more creative images.

Your images are captured digitally either in the studio or on location where we can immediately view them. I find that after my clients have viewed the first few images they relax a bit more, and the confidence they develop produces better image's in the following photographs.

Unlike film photography where you have to wait a week to view your proofs, digital photography allows you to instantly see the final images. In the studio, we can also edit the final product while you watch to create the exact look you are after in either colour, black & white, sepia or a combination of all. Have a look at my work below if you want to see examples of these.


Glamour photographs are designed to capture the inner beauty of an individual and are usually taken in the studio with creative and soft lighting. Before booking a planned shoot, I prefer to setup an obligation free meeting so that we can achieve the look / illusion you are wishing to create.

Unlike other studio's that run on time/volume constraints, I normally plan to take at least half a day shooting to get the best images for you. This includes us doing your makeup in the style you are looking for and during the shoot, changing your hairstyle to provide different looks. I find this guarantees you will be more relaxed and have an enjoyable time, meaning that the final images will be cherished for life.



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Boudoir photographs are treated much like glamour except that you go that little bit further. The word boudoir means 'private bedroom' leading to the thought that these images of males or females are more alluring or seductive than glamour images. These images are generally aimed at providing a special gift for a partner or even yourself as a non explicit art form. As a general warm-up to a boudoir sitting, we do a few glamour type photographs to build confidence. As I have photographed a lot of models/clients looking for that special mood look, I can guarantee that my creative flair will give you unforgettable images.

Portraits can be taken in the studio or on location. They can be families, individual, couples or even your favourite family pet




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