One of my specialties is photographing people. By just looking at a person I know exactly which angle to photograph them from to capture their best side. I have created portfolios that have opened doors for many of my male and female clients, landing them the modeling career of their dreams.

Some photographic studios just treat you like another number. To them, it's all about getting bums through the door. I am different and treat your portfolio as an individual exercise.

Where others set a time limit of only 2 or 3 hours and only a few changes of outfits at one location, I generally dedicate the whole day to getting the best images possible with numerous outfits and locations, be it studio or outdoors. I find, that by not restricting yourself, you end up with a greater number of creative and innovative images.




So as not to restrict the creative juices from flowing, I shoot digitally, allowing instantaneous feedback for both of us. At the end of the photographic session, we can peruse your images to quickly decide which ones portray the look you are after. After this, we can also digitally manipulate your images to create that special look you're after.

I am well renowned for my work, being selected by a number of commercial agencies and magazines to photograph their models. I have created many National and International award winning images and magazine front covers with 'up and coming' models that I have photographed.






'Interviews by appointment'

Muntz St Chisholm

Phone: 0407 486 759

Email - Julius @ Tower Photographics

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