You've put a great amount of time, money and effort into your "baby". Doesn't it deserve a quality photographic session? Whether yours is a classic, a custom or a brand-new car, I will capture your car or motorcycle in all it's splendor.

Being a car customiser and restorer myself, I appreciate the time and effort that goes into building your dream car. Once you've achieved that, no matter what level of restoration or modification you have done, it's worth recording. As I have been commissioned by a number of well known car magazines over the last decade (achieving a number of front covers), I know where the angles are to get the best images.

Customized photographic sessions are designed to fit your car's "personality". You may want a single image to enlarge for your office or den. Or maybe a full "portfolio", photographed in several different locations, with shots from many different angles, interior and exterior, even shots of the engine and inside the boot.

I can even document your restoration - doing some preliminary "before" shots, periodic "during" shots, and then the more extensive "after" photographs. I may even be able to help you get your car featured in a magazine!

You, or your spouse, or even a model can be included in the photographs, if you wish.






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