Monday, November 12, 2007

365 GT4 2+2

Well I finally got to see it today!

A little history: Purchased from Eddy of The car has never been driven on a salt road in its entire life, and it shows. The undercarriage is spotless for a car of its age and calibre. The cars original fate was to be rebodied as a 250 replica, and shortened approx 7inches. That might explain why the paintwork is so patchy. Albeit awful, there is very little external rust, and the body is virtually straight. 

The car looks like it is missing a lot of little parts, but we were provided with the rest of these parts, and what we weren't provided with, we simply bought. We have a 400A to take parts off if we ever need something.

We are having a few problems getting the car to start, it has plenty of fuel, but the ignition system seems to be our problem child. I'd hazard a guess to say that the distributor caps are full of water, as the cleaners at the freight forwarders are total slack asses, and don't really care.

I will post pics of its build, as it progresses.

Bodyshell Arrives!

Heres the next Installment, as Promised. 

A little history lesson:
Very little known, previous owner purchased the car with no engine, or gearbox. He planned to *gasp* put a small block chev or something similar in it. The car was advertised for sale, but did not sell. So to make the world's population of 400's lesser, the car was parted out, and we eventually bought the body shell. It is absolutely immaculate for the age of it, and even the paintwork is acceptable. It has very little rust, only being on the doors inner and outer skins (easily fixed).

I was in a bit of a rush today, and didn't take that many photos. If any members have any requests for specific photos, I will be more than happy to provide you with them.

In the pics you will notice the 365 GT4 2+2, our black 400A parts car, and If you look closely enough, our 400GT under the car-cover in the garage.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Starting from Square One.

Well we've all got to start somewhere. After much deliberation deciding how to show members of this project, as well as other interested parties, I have decided to set up a blog that will allow a wider variety of people to see this project.

The 400 body shell arrived today, as well as our new toy, a 365 GT4 2+2. This takes up residence with our 400i GT, and our 400A which we purchased for parts. As soon as this weather clears up, and we organise ourselves a little more, I will post some photos.

Some photos of the wrecked 456GT donor car, supplied by our broker in the UK: