What is the Camarilla?
You may have heard of us, or maybe not, but since we have enough interest to get you this far, why not read below and see what we are about.  Of course, if you have any questions, just email the webmaster

Club Overview
We are but one Domain amongst hundreds scattered all over the world, all belonging to one global organization calling itself, The Camarilla. Starting in the US a long long time ago, on a continent far far away..  We have all now become affiliated under the company that started the World of Darkness epidemic, White Wolf Gaming Studios.  See the Australian Camarilla website here...www.camarilla.org.au or the head company here.. www.whitewolf.com

Our Purpose
The Camarilla strives to promote role-playing, encourage an increased community spirit, develop an expanding interest in history and most importantly, the exploration and expansion of imagination.  We are a social organization, and depending on where across the world you travel, and which Domain members you meet, the focus on those things and countless more will vary from one to the next, but one thing stays atop our list, and that is our enjoyment of the amazing, World of Darkness.

To translate, have a good time, both playing a game we all enjoy, and also by meeting socially.

Toowoomba Camarilla Background
The Australian Camarilla has been going since 1996 and ever increasing steadily since that time.

Toowoomba started its first chapter shortly after, forming in July of 1997 and we have been getting together every single month since then, and plan to do so for many years to come.  It was then when we came up with the name Nox Immortalis, which is supposed to be latin for Immortal Nights.

How does it work.  Positions n stuff
There are a lot of odd terms that you will hear thrown around, so with some luck, this can help them make a little sense.

The best place to find out more detailed information can be found in the Clubs Bylaw documents, however this simple overview should help you get through those early months.

The Camarilla is basically split into two teams that keep it running, both integral to the organisation.  On one side, we have the Coordinators, the other the StorytellersCoordinators are in charge of the real world side of things.  Dealing with things like money, ensuring that every one at an event is a member, ensuring that we have a venue to play in, managing member concerns, awarding of most of the prestige and so on.  The Storytellers are in charge of running and telling the story, running our games, managing the setting and creating a living world for our characters to live in. They handle all the imaginary stuff to do with our characters, both locally and abroad, and award prestige for helping with ST stuff.

Prestige is essentially the organizations reward for volunteering. If you help the club, in turn, you can claim prestige. When you get enough prestige, it can translate into in game benefit, with additional XP for your characters.  Some people like it, some people dont, but its there, and so you are encouraged to put up your hand, and get whats coming to you.  If you want to know more, talk to your coordinator.  Its really the only viable way for the club to recognize effort and say thanks.

Venues and Domains..
Now, because of the sheer size of the organisation, running  simultaneously in many countries around the world by thousands of individual members, we have a few tiers of management that exist.  The most important place for the average member is the Venue.  A venue is a style or type  of game that is being run, and so if you have a character in that particular game, then you are part of that venue.  You are also  entitled to a say in how it runs at meetings.  All the different  games or venues in one city must work together to ensure the city seems realistic, and so this coordination is run by the Domain staff.  They are  responsible for ensuring that all the occurrences both in the game and out for any city, work properly and are properly merged together.  Just as all our cities are part of the Australian Nation, we have people who manage things on the National Level, both for the game and for the  club itself, and then it goes global, which coordinates all the various countries.

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