What's New 
What changes have been made to the website, and the club will be listed here, so check back to keep touch with what's going on, and what's been added.

Latest Domain News
Any of the latest news regarding the chapter will hopefully turn up here, so you can see them at a glance.

  •  Members Required
    If you know someone who wants to join, or  should rejoin, do what ever it takes and get them to come on back.

Important Club Announcements
Any important announcements will show up here, from Chapter level up to National, to hopefully keep you abreast of what’s happening.

  •  Welcome New Members
    Yes, welcome to Phil and Clair.  We hope you enjoy yourselves.

  •  19 June 2006 -  Added Local News page, for copies of the IC Local  News (look under games). 
                         - Uploaded May/June 2006 Local News.
  •  21 May 2006 - Another overall site update.
  •  10 October - Site update.  Going over everything  and giving an all over update.
  •  11 July - Updated the contacts, giving latest Requiem VC details and DST new email.
  •  8 December - Some more cosmetic improvements to the site.
  •  30 November - Nox Immortalis web site became  sanctioned by the NCC.  Yay.
  •  3 November - Updated the domain contacts.  Added  Character Kit and latest rule sup.  Also links to the Certificates (replacing ordeals)
  •  6 October 2004 - Redid the website, ready for the new chronicle.


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