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This is a compilation of all manner of links that you may need or find useful.  If you have a link that you find useful, let me know and it might be something that someone else will find of value, so Iíll put it up here.

Camarilla AustraliaCamarilla Australia
Our National Website containing all sorts of good information.  You need to be a member to get access.   Email the DC for details.

Military SimulationsMilitary Simulatins
A fabulous Australian mail order company, where Camarilla members can get discounts on their purchases.
20% on WW.  15% on other systems.

White WolfWhite Wolf Gaming Studios
We blame them for the whole thing. 
See latest product updates and news from the creators of the World of Darkness

Subscribe to ooc-too email listDelivered by Mailman
Follow this link to the subscription page for our chapter ooc (out of character) discussion list, where all important ooc or reality information and discussions occur..

 Cam Wiki Cam-Wiki
Possibly one of the camarillaís greatest player driven resources.  Add your character profile to the world, search for almost anything.



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