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Toowoomba is currently only running a Vampire:the Requiem game, but if there is enough members and enough interest, a new game can always start up, from Werewolf, Changeling or Mage.

It is currently being held on the third Saturday of every month, but please head over to our cam-wiki website the for more details.

Vampire: the Requiem

Vampire: the Requiem...
Once mortal, they now dance to the Requiem of the damned.  If an individual vampire's existence is the Requiem, the way she interacts with her fellow kindred is the Danse Macabre, through which any number of  individual Requiems play, conflict, resolve and end.

Embraced into a clan, the kindred walk the eternal nights, seeking to socialize and survive. Most have chosen a covenant, a social network of kindred, that share though choice, a common big picture goal to their existence, though each individual different and special in their own requiem.

Minds Eye Theatre
(icons borrowed from  where you can purchase many RPG books as PDF Files)

Current - If you want to know some details about whats current in our local game, whos who in court, whos dead, alive, missing or hunted, you would be best heading over to our cam-wiki website...  From there, anyone can add rumors, add your own details, or anything else.  You should set up your own character profile while there, so the world knows who your character is

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