Downloads Section
Here you can find all the resources that you should need to be a part of the Toowoomba Camarilla. We have located here, all sorts of information on the organization's out of character materials, such as the latest Bylaws, copies of the Ordeals, a Prestige information, and Membership Forms.

On the character side of things we have things like the downtime and influence submission form, the latest copies of the rules supplements, some character creation resources, blank character sheets, character certificates and anything else the storytellers forward on that may be of use.

Some of these files have been compressed to a .zip format. You can uncompress them using a program such as WinZip, or if running Windows XP, it can do it for you.  Some may be password protected - Password is “good-data” (without the ")

Reality Stuff

All of the forms required should be able to  be found on the Australian Camarilla Web Site ( instead of duplicating them here, go there to find the latest versions of the forms. Most forms can be found in the "Stuff"  Section. 
If you are a member and don't have your password details for the site,
email the DC and he will get them for you.

Prestige MC Class Table (link) 
Now that you have been racking up some prestige, you are going to need to know when you have increased in Membership Class or MC, and when you have earned that extra experience points for every single one of your characters.

Looking to play in Toowoomba, then you need to know what's in this.  This is our Requiem Venue Style Sheet, that basically tells you what you might find when you arrive at a local game.


Game Stuff

Most game information is obtained from the MST website  (
Things like Character creation guides, addenda updates, venue information and so on, are all put here first, so  it is recommended that you go here to ensure that you get the  latest information available, as there are quite a few different  resources available.

Toowoomba  OOC History Timeline
Want to know what actually happened in Toowoomba.  Then here's a quick look at what actually shaped the city you  know.  Stay tuned for the modified IC history, as we get  more into the game.  Feel free to use this history to help  shape your background, but be aware, some aspects may be altered due to IC history.

 Downtime Sheet v2006.1
So you want to do more than  just turning up to games, then you need to fill this sheet in  and send it to the DST. Essential for  claiming those few other XP.


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