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Nox Immortalis 
'Latin' for Immortal Nights.

"May our nights last for eternity, giving us our endless inspiration and stage for some of the most creative roleplay you will ever see"
Our logo, our legacy. 
Inspired by the dominance of the moon over the sun as the illumination over the stage of the World of Darkness...

Nox Immortalis, the Toowoomba Domain of  the Australian Camarilla, part of the epidemic that has swept the global gaming community for more than a decade.

Welcome to the Toowoomba Camarilla, welcome to something that can help you to free your mind, where you can meet new and interesting people, and have a good time in healthy surroundings.  If you are interested, then the Camarilla may be for you.  Initiated as part of a fan club to White Wolfs World of Darkness, the organization has grown to enormous levels, and has become much, much more.  We think its so good, wed love to have you along to share it with.

The World of Darkness is a fictional world, first created by White Wolf Gaming Studios, many years ago. We have now moved into a new World of Darkness, after the last chronicle came to a dramatic end, but this world, like the last is one that is controlled by darkness, a bitter and deadly truth that has been subtly overlaid over the world and the truths that we know.  The Denizens of this dark world, are the creatures of nightmares and children's fairytales.  Vampires, Fairies, Werewolves, Mages all exist amongst the mundane, the mortals who are kept in the dark as to existence of the presence of these supernatural creatures who walk the same very streets.

We create and play some of the characters that might live in this World, inserting a portion of your own lead character in a living chronicle, played across the world by thousands of people.

You are but one of the creatures that have visited this page since 2004.

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