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Men and women of Quake,

I have a dream.

It's a dream I may have mentioned before, but I think the time is now, to see if it can be made into a reality. May I share it with you? Ok, if you insist! :)

This coming month, October, I'd like to organise a game of rock2.

"Whats the big deal about that?" I hear you quip, well hold on there, I'm not just talking about a regular old match. I'm not even talking about a BIG match. I'm talking about something HUGE, so HUGE I .. honestly don't even know if it can be done. Here is it:


That's right, we're talking about.... the biggest rock2 game in history:



120 minutes!!!

16 VS 16,

Maximum Action,

Rock2 Quakathon!!!


16 vs 16!

"Impossible!", I hear you say. Maybe, but ...maybe not.

Already, the amazing Weekly AGR Sessions, are attracting 12-20 players every week. Plenty of old skool players have come out of retirement just to participate To achieve the target of 32/32 players though, I'm reaching out into the wider world of Quake players. There MUST be many more than 32 remaining TF players in the world in 2008. Maybe some of you reading this prefer MegaTF, or CTF (Hi to all the TW ctf fans!), but for an event this big, I KNOW all Quake players will be interested. How many years has it been since you tried to log onto a 32 player server, to be told "server full"?!

I know this can be done. Its just a matter of putting the word out to ALL quake players of all flavours, and denominations. Please help make this happen by spreading the word about Rock2ober to EVERY Quake player you know, current and retired. At least tell them to watch the 'Rock2ober' vid on youtube.


Rock2ober 2008 :

Monday 20 October

12am GMT


The most reliable method of checking when this is in your timezone is here. Btw, 'Monday 12am', means Midnight Sunday/Monday .

Now, check your schedule, if you can make it, then contact me at:

my email

your player name, and I'll be contacting you personally, with more info, your password, and updates on this page asap. In fairness to those who register early, this event will be 'PASSWORD ACCESS ONLY', so no gatecrashing! Get in quick, so you don't miss out!

"Ok, but I don't have Quake anymore, and don't know / remember where to get the files!". Go here.

"Ok, but I haven't got CustomTF installed, where do I get the files?". Go here.

"Ok, but I'm married now, and my wife doesn't approve of me playing computer games." Go here.

The version of Quake will be CustomTF, the same used in the Weekly AGR Session. For those not too familiar with Custom TF, you can still choose standard Team Fortress classes, and AGR is VERY easy to get into (Attackers go Red, Defenders go Blue). If you're curious, come along to a Weekly AGR Session for a taste of intense, teamwork-oriented AGR. If you love Quake, and you crave BIG, team-orientated, action-packed games which leave you exhausted, and exhilarated, email me NOW and secure your place in this never to be repeated event!

Looking forward to seeing you there,



ps. Here's what CustomTF looks like in action:

Note: the following embedded players dont work on some browsers, in that case the links are:

CustomTF Clip by Trumad,

CustomTF Clip by Trickle, and

Original Team Fortress Promo