Additional tool post position

for close in work on a CQ9325

additional tool post position

This simple modification allows the tool post to be moved closer to the headstock.

I saw this modification on a CQ9325 advertised for sale on Ebay and thought it was a good idea.

One downside of the CQ9325 is that there is limited horizontal travel close to the headstock, particularly when leadscrew covers are fitted.

This can be an issue if you wish to get a close/better angle to the work or faceplate.

To get around this, you can simply swing the compound mount base around 90 degrees and reposition it on the leading edge of the cross slide.

As the compound mount base is then partly unsupported, I also drilled it and added a mounting bolt between the two existing points to improve rigidity in this situation.

The original modification only used the two standard mounting points.

To set it up, drill and tap two 8 mm bolt mounting holes into the thickest part of the cross slide directly above the dovetail base, then do the one in the centre section as below.

drilled cross slide

The red arrows indicate the three new mounting points, and the green arrows show the original ones.

As you can see, the cross slide has previously been drilled and tapped to take a vertical mill slide.  This is very easy to do.

At least Chinese lathes have flat top cross slides, which allow this sort of modification.

Additional bolt holes won't weaken it to any significant degree, and it will still be more rigid than a slotted cross slide of the same dimensions.

Below is the compound mount base bolted into place.

compound mount base

I used a hexi headed bolt in the centre position until I source an Allen headed one.

You could move the locating holes further to the right and eliminate all overhang on the compound mount base.  This would however reduce gains to be made by this modification.

The tool post is set up in the new position below.

tool post move

I leave the small hexi headed bolt in an exposed mounting hole when the standard tool post position is used.

CQ9325 lathe tool post

Overall it's quick and easy to swap over, and a handy modification for occasional use.

Normally the standard tool post position is OK.

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