How to change the timing belt on a TATA 2.0 TDI turbo diesel engine

Telcoline engine


This information is based on a Tata workshop maintenance sheet, and information and photos provided by Rik Thiel.

Rik's site also lists the precedure and  provides a few additional points.

The single overhead camshaft  2.0 litre TDI diesel engine is used in the Telcoline, Safari, Loadbeta, TL series, and later Sierra.

The Gilmer type toothed rubber belt must be replaced every 50 thousand kilometers.

NOTE:  If the vehicle has ben used for a lot of low gear work, such as feeding out on farms etc, then the timing belt will need to be replaced earlier, as the Kilometer/engine revolutions ratio will be much different to road use.

For safety, I would halve the change over period to counter this issue.

The procedure

Remove the following:

- V and serpentine belts,

- plastic fan shroud,

radiator (engine cold and heater in OFF position to keep coolant in top part of the system),

- fan pulley,

- plastic cam belt covers as below (showing clips and removal sequence),

With the toothed belt exposed, threaded locking pins/bolts have to be inserted at three locations, when aligned with their respective holes:

(1) flywheel - in rear right side rib of engine block, slightly below and to the left of the starter motor (facing front of engine),

(2) camshaft pulley - into head on right hand spoke of cam pulley  (about 100 degrees  CW),

(3) fuel injection pump pulley - at near vertical position on pulley (about 10 degrees CW).  

All three holes will only align in ONE of the two flywheel pin positions that comprise a full four stroke cycle.

Tata timing belt

The above photo supplied by Rik Thiel shows the camshaft and injector pump pin locations.

The red arrow shows the water pump pulley.

Two fan bolts can be used to lock the camshaft and injector pump pulleys.

Loosen the bolt at the adjustment slot of the belt tensioner.

Move tensioner away from belt and remove belt.

Check rollers,  water pump bolt tension and seal, and camshaft oil seal for servicability.

It is advisable to change over the tensioner bearings at every third service.

Fit  new timing belt to pulleys in the following sequence - going anticlockwise :

(1)  crank shaft,

(2)  idler,

(3)  fuel injection pump,

(4) cam shaft,

(5) tensioner,

(6) water pump.

Make sure that no slack exists at each stage.

Rock fuel injection pump anticlockwise to assist fitting belt on camshaft gear.

Loosen tensioner bolt to allow it to self tension the belt, then re-tighten to lock.

Remove the three pins.

Rotate the engive a full cycle (two revolutions clockwise) and check if all three pins can be inserted again.

That's it.

Refit the bits taken off, tension belts etc to complete.

When refilling with coolant turn the heater to ON just before starting the engine.  Idle the engine with the radiator cap off until warmed up and thermostat opens.

Then raise the revs slightly for a few seconds to circulate the coolant.  Top up coolant as required.  This will purge most air from the system.

Tata 2.0 TDI engine

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