Simple metal lathe turning project for beginners

Make a stylish metal key ring tag

metal key tag

Want something no one else has got?  Simple to make yet stylish?

Then this project is for you.  Suitable for beginners upwards.  It teaches you some basic turning skills.

It can be made on any small to medium sized metal lathe, and only requires that you have a knurling tool to emboss the pattern, in either a linear form as shown, or standard diamond style.

Here's another look at the finished result.

artistic metal key tag

The tag shown was machined from small diameter stainless steel solid round stock, but you could use aluminium or brass to get a similar clean, durable, non rusting tag.  These alternative metals are also easier to machine.

I originally put this on my YouTube channel as a mystery metal lathe project, but then added this page to identify it as a simple metal lathe project, which creates a metal key tag for your car, house, or whatever.

The video below shows the steps involved, and links to my Xynudu YouTube channel which is metal lathe related.

You can bore out the centre further, to make the tag as light as you wish.

Happy turning, and I trust it all turns out well for you.

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