CQ9325 10 x 18" (250x450mm) Bench Lathe

Lathe fixed steady  

fixed steady

The lathe did not came with a fixed steady, so I made one.

Rather than limit myself to the small diameter size that budget Asian lathes generally come with, I made it large enough to take 100 mm diameter stock.

This allows internal and external machining of large pipe and heavy walled tubing, which would otherwise be impossible.

The design incorporates a main body made from a ring of 24 mm thick steel pipe.

This is bolted to a piece of 20 mm plate for the vertical support, and some square axle off cut forms the base - all milled to fit.

The three adjustable centre bolts are 12 mm diameter and have a bronze tip.  The threads were cut on the lathe, and the tips melted on using hard brazing rod.

The three allen bolts are 8 mm diameter, and the two hexi bolts 10 mm.

The centre pull down bolt in the base is 12 mm diameter.

It's a simple and strong design, which works well.

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