Business links


South Oz - BOM Better than looking out the window - sometimes
Moisture radar - BOM See how much rain is on the way
National - BOM Get the big picture
SA private stations Regional - current readings and forecasts


Govt / finance portal Why get on a queue - pay the Government
Convert currency See how many of ours make one of theirs
DOW Jones Latest USA indicators
NASDAQ Another USA indicator
US pre-market Early indicators
Market watch Stock news
ASX Australian Stock Exchange - current prices
Commodities Key price movements
Delisted stocks Where are they?
Australian Tax Office Help pay for those overseas trips
Business Register Find ABN details


Viterra Grain Handling Company
AWB The Australian Wheat Board
NGR National grower register
Landline Agricultural prices and news
ABC rural links Excellent links from Aunty
Standard O ring sizes All standards and sizes

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