Digital Signal Processing

These pages are dedicated to the research and development of Digital Signal Processing chips used in Super Nintendo Gamepaks.
Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute binary and source code is hereby granted, providing that due credit appears
with all copies and any derived work.

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31-12-2010 DSP1 - 1990 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
28-02-2010 DSP2 - 1991 Software Heaven, Inc. / FTL Games
28-02-2010 DSP3 - 1994 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
28-02-2010 DSP4 - 1994 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
24-11-2005 OBC1 - 1994 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
24-11-2005 ST010 - 1992 SETA Co., Ltd.
24-11-2005 ST011 - 1993 SETA Co., Ltd.
24-11-2005 ST018 - 1995 SETA Co., Ltd.
17-11-2011 CX4 - 1995 Capcom Co., Ltd.


24-06-2003 DSP1 Test Program (4K, Overload) -
24-06-2003 DSP1 Opcode Detection (6K, Overload) -
25-10-2004 SWCPORT (7K, Overload) - swcport.cpp dspxport.cpp
31-12-2010 77x25 Disassembler (43K, Overload) -
04-03-2010 CX4 Test Program (6K, Overload) -
17-11-2011 USBCOPY (158K, Overload) -

Binaries (Logged Data Files)

These files contain the Data/Status Register data (byte order) logged from a DSP interface.

11-03-2003 Suzuka 8 Hours (29K, The Dumper) - suzuka.rar
11-03-2003 Top Gear 3000 (27K, The Dumper) - topgear3.rar
16-05-2003 Super Mario Kart (E) Demos (275K, Overload) - smkdemo.rar
03-01-2004 SD Gundam GX (J) Intro (265K, Overload) - dsp3-intro.rar
06-01-2005 Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shougi (J) Demo (38K, Overload) - st011-demo.rar

Work in Progress

22-11-2011 Old threads now in zip file, host does not like mhtml
17-11-2011 Added CX4 support to USBCOPY
17-11-2011 A few updates to the CX4 Page. All tested on hardware, 100% accurate
08-06-2011 Added Capcom CX4 Data ROM
31-12-2010 Updated dsm7725, NEC uPD77C25 / uPD77P25 Disassembler
24-12-2010 Congratulations to Byuu and those who contributed in extracting the DSP1-4 Program + Data ROMs, valliant effort!
24-12-2010 Microsoft have blocked my hotmail account due to unusual activity?
04-03-2010 Added CX4 Test Program V1.0
28-02-2010 Updated memory maps (DSP1, DSP2, DSP3, DSP4)
12-11-2009 As of 2009 SETA is no more, if there are any former employees willing to share information please step forward
(Email address is at the bottom of the page)
29-05-2006 Updated DSP1 Projection Parameter Opcode
12-04-2005 Added dsm7725, NEC uPD77C25 / uPD77P25 Disassembler
06-01-2005 Added SETA ST-011 ASCII data file
24-10-2004 Updated SWCPORT and DSPXPORT Programs to version 1.2
05-09-2004 Added DSP2 Source Code
02-09-2004 Minor Page updates and DSP3 Status Register
25-08-2004 Updated some Cell related DSP3 commands (0x03, 0x06 and 0x07)
11-07-2004 Updated DSP3 Decode information
04-07-2004 Lancer with help from Overload defeat DSP3 Compression algorithm
28-06-2004 More CX4 code updates, 16 work registers added + Multiply
24-06-2004 A few updates to the CX4 Page, Corrected Sine and Cosine
09-06-2004 Page added for Nintendo OBC1, 7 complete registers
19-04-2004 Updated the DSP4 page and added DSP4 Opcode 0x0A
08-04-2004 Added DSP1 Truncate function, Converts a floating-point value to an integer
09-03-2004 Added DSP1 Target Opcode (Complete), only 1 DSP1 Opcode to Go!!
05-03-2004 Added DSP1 Raster Opcode (Complete) + Projection Parameter updates
28-02-2004 The DSP team would like to thank Feather for his contributions.
Unfortunately he can no longer help out due to circumstances beyond his control.
28-02-2004 Updated DSP1 Projection Parameter Opcode (Optimised) and variuos SETA ST-010 Opcodes
23-02-2004 Added Top Gear 3000 (U) Binary Logged data file (Limited Time Only)
04-02-2004 Updated DSP1 Projection Parameter Opcode (Complete)
12-01-2004 Added Feather's SETA ST-010 Sort Drivers Opcode (Optimised)
08-01-2004 Added DSP3 Bitmap Convert Opcode (Op18)
07-01-2004 Added Feather's SETA ST-010 Raster Opcode (Optimised)
05-01-2004 Added SD Gundam GX (J) ASCII Logged data file
01-01-2004 Updated DSP1 Parameter Opcode, Test results soon
15-12-2003 Finally updated CX4 after 6 months, Sine and Cosine Functions added
07-12-2003 Updated DSP1 Projection Parameter Code (Needs a lot of work)
11-10-2003 Renamed DSP1 Float Functions + Minor Code Clean Up
08-10-2003 Fix for DSP1 Gyrate Opcode + Optimizations (Thanks Andreas)
05-10-2003 Added DSP1 SingleToFloat Function
01-10-2003 Updated DSP1 Distance Opcode to match DSP1/A
27-09-2003 Added Andrea's DSP1 Distance Opcode + Amendments to DoubleToFloat
07-08-2003 Fix for DSP1 Gyrate Opcode + Optimized DSP1 Sine & Cosine
06-08-2003 Updated DSP1 Gyrate Opcode + Minor Optimizations to Memory Structures
26-07-2003 Minor Optimization to DSP1 Cosine + SETA ST-0010 Opcode 01
21-07-2003 Added SETA ST-0010 2D Coordinate Scale Opcode
20-07-2003 Fixed DSP1 Naming + Added SETA ST-0010 Multiply & Rotate Opcodes
02-07-2003 Added DSP2 Multiply Opcode (Op09)
24-06-2003 Updated DSP1 Test Program to include new Opcodes
23-06-2003 Added DSP1 Multiply.1 & Range.1 Opcodes + Command Translation Table
21-06-2003 Added DSP3 MemoryTest, MemoryDump, MemorySize Opcodes
13-06-2003 Replaced DSP1 Inverse Opcode Lookup Table
09-06-2003 Added DSP1 Memory Dump Opcode
08-06-2003 Added Capcom CX4 Work in Progress Page
16-05-2003 Added SWCDX2 Direct Cable Program
13-05-2003 Added DSP1 Interface & Miscellaneous Command Information
12-05-2003 Added DSP1 MemoryTest & MemorySize Opcodes
17-04-2003 Updated DSP1 Test Program Version 1.2 (Minor Bug Fix)
15-04-2003 Added DSP1 Parameter Opcode + Seta DSP Work in Progress Pages
08-04-2003 Added DSP1 Gyrate Opcode
03-04-2003 Made Adjustments to DSP1 Attitude, Objective & Subjective Opcodes
02-04-2003 Made Adjustments to DSP1 Attitude & Scalar Opcodes
29-03-2003 Added DSP1 Attitude, Subjective, Objective & Scalar Opcodes
26-03-2003 Made Adjustments to DSP1 Inverse & Polar Opcodes (Optimised)
25-03-2003 Added Neviksti's DSP1 Inverse Opcode (Optimised)
24-03-2003 Substancial Testing of DSP1 Triangle Opcode
22-03-2003 Added Neviksti's DSP1 Cosine Algorithm (Optimised)
21-03-2003 Added Neviksti's DSP1 Sine Algorithm (Optimised)
20-03-2003 Updated Colour Scheme + Fixed Naming Conventions
17-03-2003 Created Webspace

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