Feeling loved and wanted by their family and peers is the best foundation for a fulfilling and happy life for children. The Seaforth Kindergarten believes it is largely through play and social interactions that children develop skills and confidence in the use of their mind and body, learn to form relationship with others, release feelings of anxiety of frustration and are stimulated to think and solve problems.

We cannot take it for granted that children will automatically gain these experiences. Situations must be provided where they will occur and the children are guided into using them. This is what we aim to do at The Seaforth Kindergarten.
We hope that your child’s first independent experience will be happy and rewarding.

The Seaforth Kindergarten is a preschool centre striving for excellence in early childhood education. We have a formal approach to our early learning programmes with an emphasis on early literacy, reading, math’s and science.

We also offer extensive arts and music programmes and promote socialisation through stimulating play environments. The kindergarten enjoys strong partnerships with parents and regularly offers feedback through personal portfolios, developmental records, parent teacher interviews and open days.



THE SEAFORTH KINDERGARTEN   “Striving for excellence in early childhood education”