A Trip of the Tongue

Travel writing has it's origins in the traveller's great desire to communicate what they are seeing to those who haven't seen it. Travel itself is the result of overwhelming curiosity and to write about that is to share your discovery with others. Of course, the other aspect is that travelling results in large periods of solitude, where new experiences jostle for space in the mind. My lack of travelling companions resulted in those thoughts flowing out through the pen and keyboard.

To begin with these emails were simply a way of keeping in touch with people on the other side of the world. I had made the familiar pilgrimage from Australia to London, I was sick, cold and lonely. The first set of messages made me feel less lonely and helped me through my new transition, but I never intended them for a wider audience. To my surprise the feedback to them was very positive, to the extent that people were saying I should get them published. I didn't take it too seriously but kept it in the back of my mind as I worked in London and then began travelling around Europe. The writing came easily and I enjoyed doing it, so the result is the set of writing that follows. I make no pretensions to greatness regarding them. They are not a carefully thought out life's work, but my spontaneous reaction to what I was experiencing, and my desire to communicate those experiences with people I care about.

So I extend the same courtesy to you and hope you enjoy my travel journal. Cheers,