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There are three ways to order XMLMate. Option 1, "Order through Reg.net", is the best way to order your copy of XMLMate. Reg.net is a secure online ordering system.

To receive a free 30-day evaluation copy of XMLMate, simply select the appropriate option below.

Order through Reg.net *

Complete your order by purchasing online directly through a private and secure form with Reg.net.
Do not fill out any details at edmgroup.com if you chose to order through Reg.net. Click on the appropriate hyperlink below to order XMLMate through Reg.net.

Fax order to EDMGROUP

Fill out the XMLMate order form and fax Insight your billing payments.

E-Mail Order to EDMGROUP

E-mail an order to us providing all the details as specified in the XMLMate order form fax sheet.

* Reg.net, an independent corporation that specializes in providing secure online purchase orders, processes all XMLMate orders.

EDMGROUP  (Australia)  guarantees the delivery of XMLMate to all orders that have been validated by Reg.net.



Current prices are as follows: