'Where dead betas go and some are reborn!'

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Repair costs vary on the basis of parts availability, time taken to repair and the general condition of the machine including wear, mechanical damage, corrosion, etc.  In many cases, video heads are no longer available for Beta machines, so their condition will determine if the machine is worth repairing.  I have a video head tester to determine their condition.   Second-hand heads are only used for repairs as a last resort.  



Service/  Parts


SLC9 DC/DC problem

Changeover repair service.


Repair load mechanism

Subject to part availability


Belt kits (all models)

Subject to parts availability


Sony SLC5 & SLC7

Fix servo/tracking problem


Sony Power supply

Repair interference faults


Sony Power supply

Repair failed unit


Sony head drum motors

Second hand units. (rare)


Repair Beta IR remotes

If “basically” complete


Spare parts/ availability

Price on application