'Where dead betas go and some are reborn!'

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This site has been developed in order for me to sell off some machines to reduce my collection and hopefully to benefit other beta enthusiasts repairing their machines.

At Restored Beta Machines there are three tables of the machines that may be available according to the manufacturer names SONY, SANYO and TOSHIBA.  The tables list the models of beta machines, their main features and the price, based on a unit in excellent working order. All machines and repairs are guaranteed for three months.


Antique Video Cassette Recorders?

  Yes, Beta VCRs are an old technology and they did lose the sales war to VHS, but they work better than VHS, if only by a small margin PALSITE.COM, a UK website, has an excellent overview of the various models of PAL beta machines available overall at http://www.palsite.com/models.html . The European models and variants of the UK models were nearly all available in Australia.