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Amateur Radio Operating Ethics

Operating Procedures and Ethics

SSTV Annual August Contest


Equipment Repairs or Project Development

Transistor Data Sheets

IC + Electronics Data Sheets

Real Low Pass Filters

An Article on ICE Filters

2m Band Pass Filters

Home Brew TVI High Pass Filter

Mobile Antennas by K0BG

DSP Modules by bhi

DRAKE Equipment and Mods

Schematics + Manuals

Test Equipment or Projects

Ultrasonic Power Line Interference Locator April 2006 QST W1TRC

Feedline Time Delay Reflectometer Project

Ham Related Kit Directory

Australian Suppliers

Altronics Electronic Components

Jaycar Electronic Components

Futurelec Electronic Components

TTS Systems Kits + Bits

Telescopic Fiberglass Poles 3m to 9m

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Printed Circuit Boards + Parts for Kits USA

RF Parts Comparison Tubes

RF Transitors

RF Surplus Sales US

DX Engineering Antenna Components

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Russian Tube Specs

Ferrites and Balun Unun Books a Must for Balun Designers

The Wireman


Amplifier +   Filter Kits

Amateur Education Sites for the Serious Technical Homebrewer

W4RNL L.B.Cebik a Respected Researcher in many fields of AR

Antennex No Myths a Place for the Technically Minded

Amplifier Technical Info

GM3SEK Great Engineering Site

Simple Calculators / Tables

Coil Calculator

LCF Calculator

PVC Tube Table

Antenna Design Sites

Antenna Design Data W4RNL L.B.Cebik

Antenna Design Data

Hexbeam Design Data

Hexbeam Construction

Loop Antennas and Lots more by VK5BR

Loop Antennas

Practical Loop Antenna Construction Design

Hamcap Tutorials

Hamcap User Guidelines

Hamcap and DX Monitor

Creating New Antenna Models for Hamcap

How to use an Oscilloscope to Monitor Max PEP

Simple PEP Measuring Setup

Scope Your Modulation

Scope RF Sampler Design + Circuit

Simple 2 Tone Generator Circuit

All About S Points and Power Relationships

Tower Installation Tips

Nally Tower Supplies

Tower Site with Engineering Specs

Call Sign Lookup


Feed Lines

Feed line Loss Calculator

Australian Communications and Media Authority


ACMA License Register

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Australian Amateur Groups

Wireless Institute of Australia

Northern Corridor Radio Group VK6ANC


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