VK6AAL 40m/15m antenna for small house blocks


Who says you can't get a 40m Inverted V on a residential block, first plant lots of Palm Trees when you move in 20 year prior, then dig hole in between 2 of the strategically placed 35ft palm trees on the back fence, after checking the back fence line is perfectly aligned for orientation into Europe.


Next go to scrap yard find a 75 mm 5m long steel pole with brackets for $20 Bargain, then score 9 bags of premix Concrete for $6.40 a bag looking good.


2 lengths of plastic coated clothes line, a length of 3mm synthetic sun resistant rope and bit of plastic tube and a couple of pulleys......


The bad part dig 4 metre deep hole with rotary post hole digger and insert 3m of 50 pipe and pour first 2 meters of concrete now lower 2.5 metres of 75 mm pipe over the top and fill next 2.5 meters of the hole, almost forgot drive 3 star pickets into the top of the hole at 45 degrees and secure with a lump of scrap chain around it all and pour concrete to include the whole base with a 1 meter section of 50 mmm pipe 2 inches away from the main pole.


Now you have a substantial 3 M high support pole with a spike next to it, using the old Hills 50ft telescopic TV mast, attach a pulley inside the top of the small section and drill a hole in the 3rd section slide a piece of beverage tube into the hole run the cable up inside the tube and erect witha 6M Gin pole and hey presto a 45ft fence line 40 M Inverted V support pole.


Add a few brackets and fashion a strap from a 2 inch by 3mm steel flat bar and place a tension bolt through the strap and the 2 pole become very rigid as they are locked together with base secured over the 50mm stub pole. 


Partailly conceiled by Palm trees with ends attached to 35Ft palm trres in each corner of the yard by throwing a 150lb fishing line over the top with lead sinkers as weights, guy the pole at 30ft to the two nearest palm trees and you are sending pictures to VK4MOD on 40M 5/7 guys.



I should add for those that look closely, yes I only guyed 2 directions as the prevailing winds and tree covers mean that it is rare I get any wind from the other directions I placed a security line so the pole can not fail to the neighbours side and if it folds in the middle in a big storm my way well that's life, by releasing the Dipole hoist cable in big winds the pole only has to support itself with no other drag....   

You also fill the 5m 75mm dia pole with conctrete this adds to the rigidity of the whole structure...



Received on 40 M Garden Variety Antenna

Normally hear JA very weak on 40 m first time 2 WAY SSTV.

After such dismal reports on 40M into the East Coast during the RD Contest with my 40 M dipole that is located in the trees for East West, the Garden Variety is oriented for Europe I pulled the Dipole down and relocated it on the tower and this is on the side of the yard with a large drop to the neighbours 4.5 metre limestone retaining wall.....


Now Hey Presto I can open the 40M repeater in QLD properly and I got 595 from VK3AMA first time ever on 40M so looks like we have debugged the 40M East West problem a bit like real estate Location Location Location!!! in reality it has a much higher electrical height due to the drop off than the other side of the yard where the neighbour is higher so must have changed the angle of take off quite markedly....

Upgraded 26/3/08

Fitted a Reflector now 2 Elements for EU / Asia

Lifted Right end DE 2.5 metres

Right end Mounting Point

Add 1.5m Extension to 20m beam boom when Tilted this is right end support for Reflector is 7.5m behind Inverted V DE used a pulley top and bottom of boom so quick disconnect halyard so can raise tower.

Right end Reflector Mounting Point

Reflector sits at 10m and centre Point of Inverted V DE is 12m








Pics Since Upgrade