SSTV Pics received on 7.033 MHz SSTV

Using Antenna below... with a Reflector from 26/3/08

QRV on 7.033 for Winter 2008 for EU SSTV

Details of Inverted V 40m 2 Elements  12m High at Feed point for Europe/Asia

European Archive of Pictures Transmitted on 40m Received at PE2SWL

Reflector Added 2 Elements on 40m Now

First EU SSTV contact on 40m IK2SGB 24 March 2008 5:52 WDST

ZS2ABF good pics on 40m IK2SGb heard each day and was that G3KGM

Stay TUNED for more 40m DX from Down Under

Countries worked on 40m SSTV month

South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Italy, France, Taiwan, Russia, New Zealand, Spain, Croatia