Eva Peron Is My Hero by Rosa  


Eva Peron is a hero for me because she was born and grew up living a very poor life. When she was young she was an artist and thought about helping the poor people around her.

She met General Juan Domingo Peron and became involved in political activities in 1945. In 1948 Peron assumed his presidency of Argentina and Eva worked for him as his secretary where he helped her set up the Eva Peron Foundation which helped workers receive holiday and sickness pay and also work an eight hour day.

Eva also worked hard for pensions so that all people had childcare, healthcare and education. She organised schools, hospitals and houses for the people who didnít have these things.

She worked for the voting rights of women, and for their education about childbirth. She also helped people with physical and mental disabilities.

Eva Peron was a spiritual mother and leader for the Argentinean people, and especially for me.

She was a very special woman who reached a high position but never forgot those people she came from, the poor people. This is why Eva Peron is my hero.


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